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strike, we're supporting them. and if they want to go out there, it's their right to go out there and make that happen. we want to make sure that walmart respects their workers. >> reporter: it's not clear how many actual walmart workers walked off their jobs. most of the picketers are not employees. but greg fletcher says he can't be silent. he is struggling on $10.70 an hour. >> unfortunately, for my family, my wife and my two children, we have no benefits from the company. simply couldn't afford them. if we were to purchase them, we couldn't afford to have a roof over our heads. >> reporter: at walmart headquarters in arkansas, the company said they have had the best black friday sales and that the number of picketers is small. the protest group says a company spokesman doesn't speak for the 1.3 million walmart associates. well, the few walmart employees that i spoke to here in san leandro tell me they just want a voice with walmart
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management. they say they are tired of suffering the abuse that they have been suffering and just want them to listen to their complaints. >> thank you. they have seen the most violent protests in egypt since its new president came to power. the clashes sparked by mohamed morsi's move to grant himself sweeping powers. cbs reporter tara mergener tells us, at the same time, a shooting incident on the gaza- israel border has not caused a break in that fragile cease- fire. >> reporter: palestinians matched marched through the streets to bury a man shot on friday. he died when israeli troops opened fire on the gaza border. the israeli military says about 300 palestinians tried to breach the security fence at different points. so far, the incident hasn't compromised the two-day old cease-fire between israel and hamas. it was a common seen on gaza and egypt where two crossings
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are opened again. they closed when the fighting broke out. now palestinians can once again travel to egypt. egypt's president earned high praise from the u.s. for leading cease-fire negotiations. but now he is facing a backlash from his own people for trying to expand his powers. [ non-english language ] >> reporter: the egyptian president's spokesman announced on television that the president and his parliament would be exempt from legal challenges until a new constitution is written. egyptians took to the streets in protest. police fired tear gas near cairo's tahrir square, the heart of the 2011 uprising that toppled hosni mubarak. now thousands of demonstrators are calling for morsi to step down. tara mergener for cbs news, washington. one person is dead six others injured after a violent rollover crash on highway 101 this morning. as cbs 5 reporter elissa harrington shows us, an suv
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filled with six family members slammed right into the back of a chp cruiser. >> when we come to a scene like this it's a tragedy that it's a family that has lost a loved one and just giving thanks yesterday for everything that we have. >> reporter: a san bruno family in a deadly car crash just one day after thanksgiving. it happened just before 7:00 in the northbound lanes approaching oregon expressway and embarcadero. an officer pulled on the shoulder to assist a driver changing his tire. the officer was attempting to pull in front of the disabled vehicle when he was struck from behind by a packed suv filled with the family of six. >> patrol car was completely on the right-hand shoulder. fortunately the officer was in the vehicle with his seatbelt on. >> reporter: he suffered minor injuries. the lexus suv lost control. it flipped, lost a tire and ended up crunched by the off- ramp. >> the driver was a father, the front passenger was a mother and the other four passengers were their daughters. two of the daughters were ejected. >> reporter: you can officers
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taking pictures of the suv involved in the crash. what caused that driver to veer off the road in the first place is still under investigation. in palo alto, elissa harrington, cbs 5. >> it's unknown if the sisters thrown from the car were wearing their seatbelts. all northbound lanes reopened six hours after the crash. other bay area headlines, a rollover crash in san francisco's richmond district sent two people to the hospital. this is just before 11:00 at the corner of 12th and geary. police are still trying to figure out what caused the crash that left a vehicle on its top. several people had to be pulled off of a boat in the bay today after it started taking on water. this is chopper 5 looking down near the berkeley marina. everyone got off the boat just fine and everyone was okay. the start of the holiday shopping season gave wall street a bit of a boost. stocks ended higher after a short half day of trading. the dow shot up 172 points closing at 13,009, the first
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close over 13,000 since election day. the nasdaq finished the day up 40. wall street might be getting black friday boost but the national retail federation estimates sales in november and december will be down slightly compared to last year. cbs 5 reporter cate caugiran caught up with shoppers in livermore eager to prove that prediction wrong. >> reporter: it's the day of deals. >> i got some sweaters and i got scarves and i got a lot of shirts. >> christmas shopping already. >> reporter: do you feel like it was a successful day? >> absolutely. saved over $200. >> reporter: holiday shopping is in full swing and some bargain seekers at the paragon outlet mall traded last night's thanksgiving dessert for discounts. >> you save once a year. >> reporter: the outlet opened at 10 p.m. last night. assistant general manager dave ackerman says it was a zoo of
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people. >> people were just so excited to be here. we saw so many people here right from opening at 10:00 really into 2, 3 a.m. >> reporter: but as daylight hit the first round of shoppers took a break and things slowed down a bit. >> i was expecting a lot of traffic and if you look outside, they have a few cars parked in overflow but the parking is kind of empty. you see a lot of spots. not many people here. >> reporter: even at 10:00 a.m. on a typical black friday you would expect a flood of shoppers but it looked like they took a breathing. stores changed discounts throughout the day as a way to entice them to stick around. but for the shoppers we spoke to, sticking around wasn't a problem. >> this is our fourth shopping store so we're going. this is the beginning of our day. >> reporter: since its grand opening two weeks ago store leaders say they have seen a steady stream of shoppers and now that the holiday is here they don't expect it to slow down soon. in livermore, cate caugiran, cbs 5. still ahead, black friday means big business for big stores. >> yeah, but what about the
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little guys? >> what about the little guys indeed. those are the street merchants and are they here in walnut creek? yes, they are, but they are not who or what you might expect. we'll tell you about that coming up. >> good friday evening to you, meteorologist paul deanno. another beautiful day out there mid- to upper 60s, mainly clear skies once again so why is the long range outlook so wet for the bay area? i'll explain and have your weekend forecast coming up. >> and paul, a bigger why? a snow advisory in the north bay? could that be? why? where you're going to find this winter playland next.
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some of the best shopping ie bay area. and this hol walnut creek already offers some of the west shopping in the bay area. this holiday season, people hoping to set up shop in walnut creek are getting that opportunity borough a little gimmick from the restaurant industry. -- borrowing a little gimmick from the restaurant industry. don knapp with the pop-up plaza. >> reporter: it's busy all over
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walnut creek. the street version is a pop-up retailer and the injured to give promising entrepreneurs a leg up in a hot market. >> we're all hand made and artisan and i'd love if you combi me and take me home. >> reporter: you probably won't find this puppy puppet at any of the high-end stores in downtown walnut creek it's only available in the new pop-up plaza. >> our deal with the city of walnut creek was to close the gap, financial. financial gap. so that's why they brought the pop-ups here. >> reporter: to close the budget gap while helping unique small businesses get a foothold downtown. >> this gives them a chance on a short-term basis a few weeks or a couple of months to try it out and not have to pay high rent and see how it works with the customers. >> reporter: so far, customers seem to like it. >> it allows people who have crafts to come out here and gives me something to look at. >> reporter: terry has been
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thinking about opening a store in walnut creek for her danville chocolate company. the pop-up plaza gives her a chance to try out the market. >> it's a lot quicker. we were able to put this up in about two days versus a store of several months because we do a kitful on kitchen. we cook and make all the chocolate in the store. that's about a six-month lead time. >> reporter: victoria cross also sees opportunities. >> definitely to make some money, definitely to get our name out there and who knows. you might see us down here on north main. >> reporter: with a store. >> with a store yeah. >> reporter: walnut creek expects to recover the $100,000 it spent building the kiosk in a year. with rents and other fees. >> we hope to get great opportunities for new businesses and revenue for the city as well as. >> reporter: well, the pop-up retailers have a very narrow window to make money to prove themselves. they are only down here until december 31. allen, liz? >> the biggest complaint i hear is that shopping malls all the stores all the stuff is the same. it sounds like they are stuff is a little different. >> actually they are offering something a little different if
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you want a dog puppet, they have it. >> it's tops on my list. i was going to get that for you. >> oh, secret santa just revealed. [ laughter ] >> thanks. coming up, are you sold by a sale sign? would you rather pay lower prices every day? >> well, we're live at a store that got rid of sale signs altogether. coming up, why today's turnout is a good indicator that consumers want their sales. ♪ [ music ] >> rejected! by a record label. we are going to hear the songs that kept the beatles from being signed on the first try. that's coming up.
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i came to buy my tickets on black friday. you get discount on the tickets. >> we want to get this party started again because we, hey, giants know how to do it and we might make another run for it again. >> d backs, as. want to see the as. you know. can't remember any giants game is a good game. >> want to get party started! instead of lining up at the mall, giants fans lining up at the ballpark on what the world series champs are calling orange and black friday the teams giving fans a chance to buy single game tickets for the
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first part of the 2013 season. if you didn't get out there today, tickets will be on sale until december 24. good stocking stuffers. >> that's right. 'tis the season for sales. that includes a break from the norm at a major retailer. j.c. penney having its first and only sale of the year this weekend. cbs 5 consumerwatch reporter julie watts in san jose to tell us if the company's new marketing strategy is work. julie. >> reporter: well, first, it got rid of sales altogether, and is bucking black friday. it's offering a one-day long sale of the season. and some say today's turnout is proof j.c. penney customers want their sales. if you post them, they will come. sales signs, something j.c. penney customers haven't seen in a while and this black friday they say it's what brought them back. do you think that without the big sale you would have come in today? >> that's debatable.
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>> i come less now than i did before. >> reporter: early this year, j.c. penney ditched its nearly 600 sales in favor of everyday low prices. but even when it dropped those prices by 40%, 10% of their customers dropped j.c. penney. >> things are not on sale so there's no real incentive to come in. >> people have to have something to look forward to. >> reporter: so every day low prices aren't going to get you in the door. >> no. >> and she is not alone. while penney's revenue plummeted by 20%, macy's saw sales increase at its stores in the same mall. >> this is a mindset. >> reporter: the professor of retail explains while the everyday low price strategy may work for stores like grocery and home improvement, where you're less likely to shop around, today's turnout is proof people who shop at macy's and penney's go there for the sales. so if one store has a sale, the other needs something just as enticing like exclusive merchandise. >> got to have some unique product that the consumer says i really want this product. i'm not going to go buy something else which i don't
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care with because it's 40% off. this is what i want. >> reporter: and what's penney's is hoping customers will find when they come in for the one and only sale. clothing racks have been replaced with exclusive stores within the store. liz claiborne, arizona jeans appealing to younger shoppers. question remains also this be enough to bring customers back once the sale signs are gone? >> thanks for shopping at j.c. penney. >> reporter: now, today j.c. penney's ceo says he does expect sales to increase by the one year mark which is february of this next year. as customers are retrained on how to think about a deal, keep in mind, this is the same man behind target's cheap chic makeover and the wildly successful apple store both ideas highly criticized and both took some time to catch on. >> thank you. well, the weather may feel a little bit like spring, but
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there's snow in san rafael. the city's annual downtown holiday celebration kicked off today with shopping, rides and santa claus. but the biggest attraction for kids is the snow hill set up for sledding on one block of a street. >> you don't have to drove to tahoe. it's right here in your front door or your backyard as the case may be. >> when are you going down? >> i go down after dark. [ laughter ] >> when no one's watching. >> he is joking of course. sledding is only for the little ones. if you missed snow today, sledding continues tomorrow starting at 9 a.m. >> the best part, somebody thought to put a go pro camera on the sled. >> that looked fun. if my 5-year-old is watching now, guess where we're going! >> you're there, baby! >> san rafael, okay? we are going to need a lot of extra snow to keep that snow going because we're well above freezing. we're talking 70 degrees on saturday and sunday. oakland right now pretty chose
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to 70. 69. san francisco 64. san jose 63. santa rosa 61. concord 60. a few light showers offshore. that's where they will stay. we will be mainly dry for a long time until the middle of next week but when it changes it will be abrupt. overnight san rafael 15 degrees above freezing, so i think in a snow will do fine. they will make more tomorrow. fremont 47. mountain view 49. 48 san jose. another chilly night in napa with some fog possible in napa and sonoma counties down to 42 degrees. the storm track is very active and that's key for us actually coming up next week. there's a lot of tropical moisture out there. right now, high pressure is deflecting all of that tropical moisture into western oregon, western washington and southwest british columbia. so we're not getting it. we're several hundred miles away from it. it will stay that way until tuesday. we have four more days saturday, sunday, monday, tuesday where high pressure will be in control but once that moves out, there's a large area of low pressure that will shove that storm track down to the south and now all that steady soaking rainfall will
5:19 pm
move right into the bay area. that transition day is likely wednesday. and it's going to be a significant pattern change. that will make us very wet starting next wednesday. so enjoy the sunshine while we have it which we have it right now. we'll be mainly sunny through monday. nights are going to be chilly but afternoons are going to be mild some hitting 70 for the next three days but much wetter weather will start next wednesday. highs tomorrow right around 70. what a gorgeous saturday oakland 70, average 61. concord 69. campbell your high 72. pacifica 65. right around 70 for san ramon north to walnut creek through pleasant hill towards concord and benicia and san francisco 68. let's do some sledding in san rafael, your high tomorrow approaching 70 degrees. sunday looking good. monday looking good with highs in the upper 60s. tuesday partly sunny skies. then here comes the change. look at what happens! wednesday we're wet. thursday rain. friday rain. some computer forecast models say this is a kind of patter than could give us a couple of
5:20 pm
inches of rainfall so we are going to from dry spring-like to right in the depths of winter coming up toward the middle of next week. so good news is the weekend is look great. >> is that our pattern for the winter? is it el nino or la nina? >> we're stuck in the middle now but the deal is this time of the year specifically november into december there's always an active storm somewhere. the question is, is it here or not? most often it's not. next week, looks like that active pattern will be right over top of us. >> coming to town. >> load up on umbrella if you are still shopping. when we come back, bay area researchers come up with a way to speed up the implant process for implant survivors. how it works next. thousands protest in egypt accusing the president of assuming the powers of a dictator. is this the end of the arab spring? that's tonight on the "cbs evening news." ,, ,,,,
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♪ secondhand smoke affects everyone's health. it's not just irritating. it can cause heart disease and even death. speak up about secondhand smoke. your health and the health of your family depend on it.
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with breast cancer will undo a mastectomy. now a new experimental device -- maden the bay area - is helping te women with the next step many women with breast
5:23 pm
cancer will undergo a mastectomy. now a new experimental device made here in the bay area is helping these women with the next step in their lives. dr. kim mulvihill shows us how it works. reporter: linda is married and a mother of three. about a year ago, doctors discovered precancerous cells in one of her breasts. she made a choice. >> decided to go ahead and do a double mastectomy. i didn't want to have to in five years be looking at something from a very scary position. >> reporter: linda knew she wanted breast reconstruction surgery meaning implants. >> i turned to my husband and said, well, do you want these or these? what are we doing? >> reporter: the morgan hill mom had to stretch her skin to make room. most women have to go to the doctor's office to get repeated painful injections of saline but linda had a different option. she joined a clinical trial and used an experimental device that puts the power back into her hands. it's called the air expander. >> a dose is automatically delivered. >> reporter: the experimental
5:24 pm
device is manufactured in palo alto. >> this device is flattened out and there's an incision made under the pectoral muscle. >> reporter: women receive a temporary implant that contains a cart drink of carbon dioxide and an antenna. the device remotely triggers of the release of gas up to three times a day. slowly expanding the skin virtually pain-free. >> you push a button and it lights up. you don't feel it. >> reporter: the woman can be ready for surgery in a few short weeks. instead of the usual four to six-month wait. >> less pain, faster expansion, and a better experience to a very tough disease. >> reporter: the experimental device is still in clinical trials in the u.s. but was just approved in europe. dr. kim mulvihill, cbs 5. ,,,,,,
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get 36 months interest-free financing through thanksgiving weekend at sleep train, and save $400, $500, up to $600 on beautyrest and posturepedic. even get 3 years interest-free financing on serta icomfort and tempur-pedic. plus, free same day delivery, set-up, and removal of your old set. when brands compete, you save. but mattress price wars ends sunday, thanksgiving weekend, at sleep train. ♪ sleep train ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪
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even the first dog "bo" wern hand to accept the white hoe christmas tree. the 19-foot fras the first lady her daughters and even the first dog bo were on hand to accept the white house christmas tree. the 19-foot frasier tree arrived on a horse-drawn carriage all the way from a farm in north carolina. it will be decorated and displayed in the blue room through christmas. here's what we're working on for the 6:00 news tonight. kicks, punches and pepper spray and a head lock. the fight involving a santa cruz police officer and why the man who took the video feared for the life of the officer. >> and he escaped nazi germany came to america, then became a
5:28 pm
wealthy bay area restaurateur. the story his survival and his gift with a very grateful heart. those stories tonight at 6:00. all right. and finally tonight, it's hard to fathom anyone saying no to the beatles but a record executive in 1962 did. and now we are getting to hear what he heard. ♪ [ music ] ♪ real cool cat ♪ [ music ] ♪ i saw the girl in my dreams and so it seems that i will love her ♪ >> hindsight or audio is 2020. isn't it? the group's demo tape is uncovered and on it 10 never officially released recordings. within months of failing to get signed by decca records, with that tape, the beatles found a home at emi and, of course, went on to become the greatest band of all time. the tape goes up for auction by the way if you would like to
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buy it next week. just for christmas. >> sounds good. this is going to be a great weekend to shop and be outside an enjoy it. >> any reason to get outside is good this weekend. it's going to be perfect. for late november i don't care where you are this is perfect. sunset 4:53 today. the extended forecast, if you missed the sunshine today, maybe you were stuck inside the mall, stuck being the operative word there, saturday and sunday, mainly sunny skies. if anything a couple of degrees milder. monday looks good, too. it will be wetter but that holds off until wednesday. >> soak up the sunshine while you can. >> beautiful weekend. >> enjoy it. >> thanks for watching. "cbs evening news" is next. anthony mason in for scott pelley tonight. captions by: caption colorado >> mason: tonight, outrage in egypt. thousands protest after egypt's president is accused of assuming the powers of a dictator. reports from holly williams in cairo and chip reid at the white house. on this black friday, are the

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